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WALTPOKER 46 Competition
Since February 1st, 2016 WALTPOKER Situs Domino Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia has organized a writing competition that can be followed by all the writers, especially those who like to pour his ideas on a website or blog that they manage. Therefore, those who like to write and have a website or blog can follow a writing competition is being organized by WALTPOKER which has been ongoing since the date of February 1st, 2016. Writing competition of WALTPOKER not only be a forum to express their aspirations for those who have a website or blog, but also a place to test their ability to optimize or optimize a jargon selected.
Terms and conditions of advanced writing competition includes participants who register using articles that were previously used to follow previous competitions will be disqualified; Not allowed to use the keyword domain name, and use the keyword subdomain, should actually posting a blog or website that you have; That will be a judge in this contest is GOOGLE INDONESIA; If the judging there is a keyword appears on the Bookmark and Social media will not be counted; Prohibited sign up using an email address that has been previously registered; Should not be using PPC to promote participation in this competition but on a website or blog contained PPC advertising is not prohibited to participate.

What are you waiting for? If you simply believe your writing skills, please register your website or blog NOW and win a variety of prizes available.

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